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Hydraulic model FBH-01

This machine is a metal hardness tester, has been used since ancient times. 
Since the size of the main unit is very large compared to other machines, high precision can be measured, even with the surface finish of an annealed material. 
This unit is usually used with, castings, forgings, structural materials, rail, and similar materials. 


Test force 4903 ~ 29420N 
(500 ~ 3000 kgf)
Applicable standards According to JIS B 7724
Test space height and depth About 210 × 155mm
Airframe dimension (D · W · H) About 430 × 510 × 1100mm
Weight About 165kg
Occupied floor area About 430 × 510mm

Standard accessory

Measurement microscope (with standard gauge) One
Super steel gold gold ball (10mm, 5mm) Each one
Super steel gold gold ball cap (10mm, 5mm) Each one
Sample stand (V-type, flat type) Each one
Hardness calculation table Part 1
Vinyl cover A sheet
Hexagon socket head bolt wrench (opposite side 3,4,5mm) Each one
Storage box One

Special accessories

φ280mm sample stand

Auto 槓桿 equation model FBH-L2

This machine is a special fine precision type of Brinell hardness testing machine, The machine is in addition to durability, devised as a unique load mechanism, for measuring the labor saving of the measurement operation, for the purpose of improving light flashing work capacity of effort


2 To reduce the labor by creating a recess automatically.
3 It will improve the working efficiency by continuous automatic mode.
4 There is no difference between the test conditions by people in the automatic control.
5 Metal structure is ideal for coarse material.
6 Test force 4903N (500kgf) ~ 29420N (3000kgf) by weight 
can be arbitrarily set in the 11 steps up. 
※ In general, the 7 steps

Gate-hydraulic model FBH-G02

This machine casting, is what has been produced in order to mainly used for inspection of a large amount inspection and large parts of forging etc.. And combining the measurement of high portal frame and hydraulic Brinell rigidity, due to the installed rollers up and down in the sample receiving portion is in touch, it is considered as the transfer of the sample is easily performed.

Automatic measurement replaceable model FBH-371

This machine casting, is what has been produced in order to mainly used for inspection of a large amount inspection and large parts of forging etc.. New technology! It will display the hardness value is automatically measured by the CCD camera of the coaxial turret system. Test force selection can be easily set with a single button, the automatic operation control to perform the efficiency of the test work. In addition, a PC connection, it is also possible to record automatically test results.

Brinell dedicated measuring microscope

Standard Specifications:

With Lightpen

Magnification 20 times AAA batteries × 2 present
Working distance (Distance to the lens is 58mm) 35mm Ultra-high brightness white LED · 
about 50,000 hours of light source life
Eyepiece – Entire visual field 6.9mm
Graduation 6mm
Minimum scale value 0.05mm
Reference memory 8mm8 halves
minimum scale 1pm
Storage Wooden box
White pen light type LED Sold separately

Brinell hardness test system depression diameter reader

Using the latest image processing technology, it is high-speed, high-precision automatic measurement system.  And high accuracy of the recess diameter measurement and data accuracy management of thorough  · JIS Z 2243 Brinell hardness test standards-compliant  · USB power of small, lightweight microscope possible to carry on the scene in  , the captured image data of the output  can be introduced in the anchor  - It supports various customization.

Rockwell hardness testing machine

Analog / 3R

Analog / 3R

This hardness meter has a short measurement time and is also very easy to operate. It is generally widely used. By decrease hardness measurement range also changes the scale, up to the very hard cemented carbide to something like very soft plastic, you are capable of a wide range of measurement.


Analog / FR-1AN

Specifications: dial gauge type / electric type and standards load: 98.07N (10 kgf) -test load: 588.4N (60kgf)

980.7N (100kgf)
1471N (150kgf)

-Load control method: automatic (load – holding – release)

Digital FR e Series

Digital / FR-e Series

Hardness conversion function standard equipment, pass-fail judgment with function, load auto start, operation panel with excellent operability specifications: Hardness conversion function standard equipment , pass-fail judgement function with – load auto start and durability, operation panel with excellent operability Plastic measurement mode equipment

Vickers hardness meter FV-100 / FV-300 / FV-800

Greatly contributed to the mechanical properties evaluation of the material, we can meet a wide range of user needs. Five test methods of HV · HK · HBS · HBW · Kc is, can be selected in one touch on the touch panel. Whole series is adopted will have a manual / auto of two types of turret system on. Test load amount  · A type: 9.807N (1 kgf) -490.3N (50 kgf)  -B type: 2.942N (0.3kgf) -294.2N (30kgf)

Micro hardness tester FM-100 / FM-300 / FM-800

It greatly contributes to micro-evaluation of the mechanical properties of the material. Finely in advanced technology adoption of the glass vapor deposition (0.04mm) we will achieve a clear measurement line. Whole series is adopted will have a manual / auto of two types of turret system on. The objective lens is the simultaneous can be mounted up to a maximum of four. (Optional) test load amount  · A, B, C, D, E type: 1mN (1gf) -19.614mN (2000gf)

Full automatic micro Vickers / Vickers hardness tester ASR9000

"More evolved" is a high-intelligent system plus a high-speed sample shape recognition function. High-speed, high-accuracy, high stability, high operability, will improve the reading power. More reliable definitive test of partners !! approaching to the human eye-brain

Shore hardness testing machine

This unit is allowed to free-fall a certain mass of diamond hammer at a constant height from the surface of the test piece, the anti-揆of the height of the intended to compare the hardness of the test piece from high and low, a relatively wide range of hardness up to one memory in You can either be measured. Operation is very simple and short time it is possible to measure, also the weight of the hammer is a fine also traces remain in the obtained test piece is accurate hardness also relatively thin ones for lighter against precisely the finished product testing It can be performed.