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Special Design

Digital-to-analog amplifier device

Digital-to-analog amplifier device

Digital-to-analog amplifier device

Input and output resistance
Rated output
Applied voltage
Load amplifier case size

350 Ω
1.5 mV / V
10 V
(H) 430, (W) 177, (D) 330

Feature Details

① Measurement magnification x1 (100%), x2 (50%), x5 (20%), x10 (10%), x20 (5%), x50 (2%) 
case of ※ pressure cell, and switching range of range by the accuracy of the ram cylinder There it becomes narrower.
② measurement resolution Corresponding to the full scale of each range 1/2500
③ automatic range switching function When the test force increase, switching to a low magnification 
(can be set up to each range full scale 99 percent to 70 percent)
④ test force calibration One-touch (electric)
⑤ calibration test force tensile and compression
⑥ zero point adjustment One-touch
⑦ test force signal output Analog ± DC 0 V ~ 5 V (resolution is infinite)
⑧ overload output 105% of each range scale (non-voltage contact output)

Test force value (load value) display device

Display format The digital display by LED
Display Unit mN, N, kN (specified by)  gf, kgf, TF (as specified)

Data Tracking

The maximum test emphasis display function (peak hold) – rupture detection function
options: (sensitivity can be set)

The accuracy of the test force measurement

Within ± 1% of indicated value (in the range of use load cells rated 1/1 ~ 1/200)
In the case of pressure cell, it will depend on the accuracy of the ram cylinder
In the case of the load cell, it will depend on the load cell accuracy.

Accuracy of the indicator

- Within 0.1% of full scale
Full-scale arrival rate (about 30 sec / full scale) and guidelines drive a small DC motor Hand drive motor mounting – Depending on the model and manufacturer of each hydraulic testing machine structure is different because, I will take a meeting.


Load output to external ※ options Digital output RS232C output
External from the control signal ※ options Measurement magnification 
zero point adjustment 
test force calibration 
reset (peak hold)
Site Environment Temperature 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ 
humidity 20% ~ 80% RH (non-condensing)
Power supply AC 100 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)
power consumption About 50 VA

Automatic extensometer calibrator

Automatic extensometer calibrator

  • Since moving to automatic at the specified length (GL), the working efficiency will be greatly improved.
  • National measurement is a standard traceable with calibration certificate.
  • Calibration in JISB7741, is implemented.
  • We realized degradable 0.1mm with high precision ball screw.
  •  After the test, anybody can be used as an intermediate check of extensometer.