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This unit is a rolling contact fatigue testing machine for various industrial materials, is is used by the Science and Technology Agency metal material branch and the Surgery Institute Expressions of Life testing machine.

Load can be set for each 150kgf from 100kgf to 1000kgf.

A vibration monitoring device is provided, and if flaws such as pitching and flaking occurs in the test piece, the operation can be programed to stop by the vibration acceleration on the load lever. The number of iterations is displayed in the electronic counter.

FJ- number Temperature Test Force Speed
Symbol Number Symbol Temperature Symbol Test Force Symbol Speed
One One T High temperature T High test force> 
(0.51 ~ 20 kN)
T High-speed 
(200 ~ 3000rpm)
Two Two H Normal Temp. H Standard test force 
(1 ~ 10kN)
H Standard
(200 ~ 1500rpm)
Three Three L Low test force 
(0.1 ~ 2kN)
Four Four
Five Five

Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
998-1130 374 606


  • This can be provided at a high temperature test specification.
  • You can arbitrarily set the rotational speed.
  • It is possible to accommodate a wide variety of test speed.
  • I can selection of test force.
  • Also you can easily move on casters.


Sample size (diameter, thickness) φ60mm × 5mm
Test for steel ball φ9.525mm (3/8 ")
Thrust bearing race for test # 51 305
Counter 6-digit × 200 times
Motor (inverter control) 0.2kW3-phase induction motor
Power supply AC200V (50 / 60Hz)
instruction manual Part 1
Storage boxes One
Test temperature Maximum 200 ℃
Heater capacity AC200V, 400W
Temperature Controller 3-digit display
Cooling water About 1 liter / min
Renchisupana One
Retainer (3 balls ceremony, 6-ball type) Part 1
Race unplug One
Spanner for hexagon socket head cap screw One